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I swore to myself that I would never reblog anything to do with cats.

I have broken the oath to myself. 

I feel like the samurai sword master in Kill Bill.

But this must be done.

gsfahaua mommy chased away the bad kitty dreams with her paw and hugged her baby omfg i’m scREAMING OMFG„

I’ve watched this so many times and i had tears and wow i literally could not NOT reblog


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Naughty Monkees - Part 1

Now, in the 1960s, you couldn’t be downright naughty on TV. You usually had to sneak it past the censors in a subtle way. Here are a few naughty Monkee moments, some subtle, some obvious, some open to interpretation .

1) Mendrek (Micky): I came all this way to, to, to find The High Llama. Where is he?
The Regular Llama (Mike): Oh, well, I’m afraid you’re out of luck; he’s out back, sleepin’ it off.
Mendrek (Micky): You don’t mean!
The Regular Llama (Mike): Yeah, that’s what I mean; that’s how he got his name.

2) The boys surround Della the Sexy Maid

3) Nurse: “Try a cough drop!” ( Cue weird sound effects, rocket taking off..wait! That was no cough drop!)

4) “Don we now our gay apparel”

5) “David means business, baby.”

6) Oraculo: “I want you to free your mind of all thought.”
    Mike takes a “hit” off the pipe.
    Oraculo: “How do you feel?”
    Mike: “Thoughtless”

"It’s a Nice Place to Visit" screencap from DMF, all others from Cool Chery Cream.

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